Put your money where your politics are

Your support of the Twin Falls County Democratic Party shows your commitment to our Party’s goal to improve life for EVERY Idahoan, not just the privileged, connected or a single ideology.

  • We STRONGLY support K-12 public education and our public institutes of higher learning.
  • We STRONGLY support attracting businesses creating good jobs that pay living wages, exercise fair labor practices and maintain safe workplace environments with equal opportunity to all regardless of gender, race or any other grouping. We believe in raising the minimum wage to a living wage.
  • We believe in local control for issues that have no rationale for state government interference.
  • We STRONGLY support preservation and quality management of Idaho’s public land & guaranteed unfettered access to all Idahoans and visitors to our state for all time. IDAHO IS NOT FOR SALE!
  • WE DO NOT BELIEVE CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE; we believe a well-run government is the instrument and partner of the people, not its enemy. We are proud patriots and deplore anarchists.
  • We believe state government should facilitate fair and equitable health care for ALL its citizens.


If you know our costs you’ll see the need to donate to our Twin Falls County Democratic Party. Unlike our opponents, we don’t have dozens of out-of-state PACS, lobbyists, or mega-businesses funding our state or local parties. We need donations from individuals like you to compete. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL TO HELP. Here are some of our costs:

Campaign Field Organizer for our County and District Candidates. $24,000 per year.

Campaign Field Office rent, utilities, supplies etc. $800 per month.

Presence at Twin Falls County Fair plus supplies etc. approximately $1,000.

One bumper sticker $1.25. One yard sign $5-10. One printed mailing $.75 ea. One pamphlet $.35.

One 30-second radio spot $4-24. One 15 second TV spot $15-20. One 4″x 4″ newspaper ad $400.

Thousands of hours of volunteer time? Our most valuable commodity? FREE… Thank You!

Please print and fill out and return the form below. Give what you can.


I Want to Help the Twin Falls County Democratic Party

All Donations Must Provide Name and Address on This Form!

by Check or Cash by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

□ Check Enclosed for $_________ □ Deduct $_______per month from

Make checks payable to: my checking acct. for _____months

“Twin Falls County Democrats” on the 25th of each month.

□ Cash Donation $ ___________ Please enclose a voided check


by Credit Card**One Time Donation of $_____**Monthly Donation of $_____

Holder Name______________________Card#_________________________Sec. Code_____Exp.Date_________

Federal and State Election laws require the following information with all donations.

Name __________________________________ Address _____________________________________

City ____________________________________ State ________________ Zip_________ __________

Occupation ______________________________ Employer_______________ __________________

This contribution is made from my own funds and not from those of another. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident alien. I am at least 18 years old. I am otherwise eligible to make this contribution under Idaho law. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Mail to Twin Falls County Democrats, P.O. Box 2496, Twin Falls, ID 83303-2496

Prepared & paid for by the Twin Falls County Democratic Party Central Committee. Officers: Bob Sojka Chair, Jessi Boyer Vice Chair; Etha Carruthers, Treasurer; Nan Cluss, Secretary; Deborah Silver, State Committeewoman; Ken Weismore, State Committeeman


Show your Democrat support at upcoming events

Mark your calendars for upcoming events where you can show your support for the Democratic Party and progressive thinking.

Western Days Parade, June 3

We welcome Democrats to join us by walking or riding bikes with our parade entry. Join us by 8:30 am on College Avenue in front of CSI as we line up, get to know each other, drink coffee, eat donuts, and decorate our float. Wear something “Democratic” or patriotic, or at least blue. Make a sign to carry with a polite positive progressive message. Or carry blue pomp poms. We guarantee to have some eye catching stuff this year to make it fun.

Buhl Sagebrush Days Parade, July 4

Gather up behind the Sunset Bowl bowling alley (or in the staging field just west of the bowling alley) to join us, much as describe above for the Western Days Parade.

Twin Falls County Democratic Picnic, July 22 Harmon Park’s large pavilion

Exact time will be announced soon. Bring your favorite fun food to share. First 100 Burgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks are on us. Music. Kid Games. POLITICIANS! Speeches. Incredible Pie Auction. Silent Auction. Fifth Annual Boot Toss Competition.

Twin Falls County Fair Aug 30-Sept 4

Buttons, bumper stickers and voter registration.

To volunteer or make a donation send an email to twinfallsdems@gmail.com

Twin Falls Democrats thank volunteers with Thank You Fiesta

The Twin Falls Democrats want to acknowledge the hard work put in by volunteers during 2016 by inviting you to enjoy a fiesta themed potluck and margarita night!

There will be a Sock Contest with prizes for Ugliest, Craziest, and Most Democratic. The Sturmans also have a pool table, games, and kids are welcome to play the Wii. Let’s shake off 2016 and get in the mood for winning in 2018!

The event will be held Friday, Feb. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. next to Marilyn’s Bar at 233 5th Ave. S, in Twin Falls
RSVP to Linda Sturman at paulsturman@yahoo.com or call 208-969-0816 about what you plan to bring to the potluck.