More Ways We Can All Help

Here is an incredibly useful list of contacts and references with specific places, links and phone numbers where we can all make a positive difference for people struggling to survive and create decent lives for themselves and their families.

Remember, almost all of our families came here as “asylum-seekers” of one form or another throughout history.  The folks that are coming here these days are no different from our grandparents or great-grandparents.  All they want is to be a part of the community and to contribute to the overall good through their hard work, their skills, intellects, creativity, talents, their love of family and humanity, and their ability and willingness to pay taxes.  Pretty close to 100% of these folks are going to end up being net assets to our country and to the individual communities they settle in.

And, regardless of that, as fellow human beings, we owe them the benefit of the doubt, as well as a hand-up.  Remember, they’re not here attempting to exterminate the people who are already living here (as my ancestors tried to do, I’m ashamed to say).  No, these days, most of the folks coming here are just trying to find a way to keep their little kids safe and alive.  We should be helping them do that.

Here are a few ways we can:

This collection was created by Lauren Herold (@renhold) and shared by her sister Steph Herold (@StephHerold) on Twitter.  (This is just so you know where the information is coming from.)

Check it out and do what you can.  Even a little bit might make the difference between life and death for some little two year-old girl and her father.

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