New TF Dems leaders elected

Precinct captains were elected by voters at the primary on May 17.  They met on May 18 at Twin Beans and elected the following central committee officers who will serve for two years.

Chair, Bob Sojka

Vice Chair, Patricia Santos Marcantonio

Secretary, Nan Cluss

Treasurer, Etha Carruthers

State Committeewoman, Deborah Silver

State Committeeman, Ken Weismore

The precinct captains (committeemen) are the the official party members for Twin Falls county and the legislative district in which they live. Twin Falls County Democrats invite and encourage all interested Democrats to participate and attend all meetings.  We welcome input from all Democrats and have plenty of volunteer opportunities for all.

The precinct captains for 2016-2018 are:

Carolyn Wolter – Buhl 1, Richard Parrott – Buhl 2, Marissa Eastman – Castleford, Nan Cluss – Hanson, Angela Naerebout – Kimberly 3, Matt Kopydlowski – Kimberly 4, David Woodhead – TF 1, Darlene Wright – TF 2, Jessica Boyer – TF 3, Mardo Eaton – TF 7, LeRoy Hayes – TF 9, Linda Brugger- TF 10, Mike Gaxiola – TF 11, Ken Weismore – TF 12, Etha Carruthers – TF 13, Oleta Bybee – TF 14, Paul Sturman – TF 17, Shelly Rolvink – TF 18, Rosemary Fornshell – TF 19, Pat Marcantonio – TF 20, Warren Dopson TF 24, Melanie Hutchinson – TF 25, Bob Sojka – TF 26

The chairs for Legislative District Committees were also chosen.  LeRoy Hayes will serve as chair of LD 24 and Matt Kopydlowski is the chair of LD 25.


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